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Remaining Courses in 2018
October 9 -14, 2018 (Puebla)
November 8-12, 2018 (Tijuana)

Instructors: Dr. Isaac Tawil and Dr. Scott D. Ganz
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3-D Planning - Bone Grafting
Educational Programs

held in
Los Algodones, Mexico
(Near Yuma, Arizona)
2018 Dates to be announced
Dr. Scott Ganz   Dr. Carlos Rubio     Dr. Ernesto Moran
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Live Surgery Courses - Sinus Augmentation Procedures - Live Implant Placement


Replacing missing teeth with an implant supported restoration represents both a surgical and restorative challenge.  Often there can be lack of space between the roots for standard diameter implants or issues with root convergence, bony defects / concavities, soft tissue concerns, emergence profile, and sufficient bone volume and /or density to stabilize an implant.  The use of two dimensional periapical or panoramic imaging fails to provide clinicians with an adequate appraisal of the existing bone anatomy. 

The evolution of CT and now lower radiation Cone Beam CT (CBCT) allows for an unprece-dented three dimensional visualization of the bone, adjacent roots, and nearby vital structures which empowers the clinician with new state-of-the-art tools to diagnose and treatment plan.  Clinicians wishing to achieve true “restoratively driven” implant recon-struction will learn how to utilize these enhanced digital tool set that improves every aspect of the diagnosis, aids in communication between the patient and clinician, and sets a new standard for CT-assisted and CT-guided surgical applications.

The purpose of these intensive hands-on live surgery courses will be to help clinicians understand how to achieve successful diagnosis, and management of deficient sites, through bone grafting procedures, sinus augmentations, live implant placement - gaining actual hands-on surgical experience.  Using CBCT participants will learn how to manage potential implant receptor sites within the framework of restoratively driven protocols and long term success. 

Navigating through this new digital world can be difficult as clinicians may be confused by the increased number of software solutions that all claim to have advanced diagnostic capabilities. 
Working with advanced 3D planning can benefit clinicians by providing a basis of knowledge on all aspects of the process - from image acquisition, through surgical template design to help avoid potential complications.  Clinicians will gain invaluable experience through our didactic and live surgery courses featuring live implant placement.

Live Surgery Courses    -    Sinus Augmentation Procedures    -    Live Implant Placement

The Quechan Casino & Resort is the host hotel for our live surgery courses located
in Winterhaven, California.  A short two miles from Los Algodones.