Patient Services

Dr. Scott D. Ganz, and the staff of Fort Lee Dental Associates strives to meet your expectations by offering a variety of necessary dental procedures, each specific for your needs. These include both simple and complex restorative treatments to replace missing, fractured, decayed, or worn teeth with state-of-the-art procedures including tooth-colored fillings, single crowns, fixed and removable bridges, complete and partial dentures, tooth extractions, bone grafting, and both phases of dental implant reconstruction – by surgically placing and restoring dental implants.

Dr. Ganz is committed to providing the highest level of care based on the most advanced diagnostic tools such as Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) which provides a three-dimensional assessment of your individual anatomy analyzed through sophisticated computer software application. With the addition of intra-oral scanning and 3-D printing, Dr. Ganz continues to be on the cutting edge of dental technology. Dr. Ganz is considered one of the world’s leading experts in these areas, and has lectured in more than 34 countries around the globe educating other clinicians on these diagnostic and treatment modalities.

Fort Lee Dental Associates also practices preventative dentistry, important for your long-term maintenance with a dental hygienist who will clean and polish your teeth while inspecting your teeth and gums for any problem areas. Our goal is to offer our patients a friendly, comfortable, and safe environment for all of your dental needs, big or small. We aim to surpass your expectations.